• The next Annual Meeting of Daimler AG will take place on Wednesday,
    May 22, 2019 in Berlin, Germany.
  • The invitations to the Annual Meeting will be mailed to the shareholders beginning April 23, 2019.
The e-service for shareholders has been created especially for the shareholders of Daimler AG.
Please use this online service which will save you time and the company money. To use this service, you will need your shareholder number and your individual access number. 
If you have received multiple written invitations to our Annual Meeting, please click here.
Please use your own user ID and self-issued password if you already are a registered user of this service.

Information regarding privacy for shareholders of Daimler AG you find here.
Please direct any queries or suggestions to our  Shareholder Service.

Forgotten user ID or password?

You have received multiple written invitations?
In principle, any transactions (e.g. issuing authorization and voting instructions, absentee voting, ordering admission tickets, updating address information) that you carry out are processed only for the shareholder number used in each case. In the e-service for shareholders you can register different shareholder numbers under the menu item "Reduce mail" and prevent them from being used for sending out invitations in the future.
By doing so, you will save time but will not, of course, lose any voting rights or detailed information. Please log in initially using your preferred shareholder number. You can then register further shareholder numbers. To use this function you must be a registered user (with your e-mail address) of the e-service for shareholders.

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