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If the letter containing your personal access number is not undamaged on receipt or if you suspect any other form of malpractice, you can block your access by calling the hotline number of our Shareholder Service: from Germany 0800 324 1111, international +49 6196 8870 700. Once this personal access number is blocked, you will be denied entry to the e-service for shareholders. In that case, please use the forms sent to you for ordering admission tickets, submitting absentee votes, or issuing proxy authorization and giving voting instructions to the proxies appointed by the Company. Alternatively, you can contact our Shareholder Service by calling the above number. Please keep your access number in a safe place. Under no circumstances should it be sent back to us together with your registration form, and even after you have used it, it should be kept safe to prevent it from being used by unauthorized persons.
Although submitting absentee votes or issuing proxy authorization and voting instructions to the Company proxies via the e-service for shareholders makes it possible for you to exercise most of your voting rights at the Annual Meeting, we expressly point out that this is not entirely the same thing as attending the Annual Meeting in person. Using the e-service for shareholders, it is not possible to make a request to speak or ask questions or submit motions, election proposals or countermotions or to file objections against resolutions of the Annual Meeting. It is also not possible for shareholders to use the e-service to vote on motions relating to the procedure at the Annual Meeting or on any other countermotions or election proposals which were not announced in advance of the Annual Meeting. Furthermore, third parties can only be authorized as proxies via the e-service for shareholders in the context of ordering admission tickets; it is not possible to give voting instructions to a third party via the e-service.
The technical and organizational measures taken by Daimler to ensure the functionality of the e-service for shareholders and data security when using the functions via the Internet are in conformance with common practice and standards. Daimler accepts no liability for any deficiencies and shall not be held liable for the functionality or local availability or permanent accessibility of the telecommunication network or the Internet service. Responsibility for those factors is beyond Daimler's control. If, despite all the security measures taken, we should find that unauthorized influence has been exerted on the data stored for the execution of the e-service and treated in accordance with the provisions of the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (German Data Protection Act), we reserve the right to suspend the e-service for shareholders without further notice or to terminate it prematurely in order to guarantee a proper voting procedure. In such a case, requests for admission tickets, absentee votes or proxy authorizations and voting instructions to the proxies appointed by the Company received via the e-service for shareholders will be taken into consideration only if it is certain that no manipulation has occurred.
The data you have disclosed within the scope of the e-service for shareholders will be processed in accordance with the relevant data protection regulations solely for providing the e-service for shareholders. If you issue proxy authorization to Company proxies via the e-service for shareholders, German corporation law requires that such data be kept stored for a period of three years after you made use of the service, after which it will be deleted. Please note that the settings of your Internet browser must be adjusted to accept cookies as a prerequisite to use the e-service. Cookies are only applied to identify the currently valid registration and will become void or be deleted after the browser is closed.
We also point out that with the present state of the art, the stability and availability of the e-service may be subject to fluctuations. We therefore recommend that you make use of the e-service for shareholders with regard to functions relating to the Annual Meeting well enough in advance so that if the e-service for shareholders is not available, you still have sufficient time at your disposal to submit absentee votes or to issue proxy authorization and voting instructions to the proxies appointed by the Company or to register in another suitable way.
Please address any queries or suggestions to our Shareholder Service.

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