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General Questions

By using your own user ID and self-issued password, you can use the e-service for shareholders all year round to:

View and, if necessary, update your data in the share register of Daimler AG (in particular address data, form of address etc.).Confirm that you wish to receive Annual Meeting documents electronically (AM documents by e‑mail). Postal delivery will be discontinued after you have issued your consent.Order customized information.
Pertaining the Annual Meeting, you can access our AM service directly via the e-service for shareholders to request admission tickets, submit absentee votes, or issue proxy authorization and voting instructions to the Company-appointed proxies.
You will find the shareholder number and your individual access number on the back of the written invitation to the Annual Meeting. Please note that you can only use all the functions provided by this service if you have a valid e‑mail address. In the event that your e‑mail address is subsequently found to be invalid, your details will have to be deleted from the e-service for shareholders. You can then re-register using new access data (shareholder number and individual access number) and a valid e‑mail address at any time.
Yes! The e-service is also available for joint shareholders.
Please note that for shares entered as being jointly held (e.g. by married couples), the person who uses the e-service (e.g. ordering admission tickets, postal votes, proxies and instructions or registration for the e-mail-dispatch) must be authorized as a proxy by all the other persons. 
Instead of receiving the AM documents in paper form, you can arrange to have the invitation to the AM including the agenda of the meeting (convocation) sent to your personal e‑mail address in the future. However, this procedure requires your express consent. You can do that when registering for the e-service or later under the menu point “AM documents by e‑mail.” Please note that for shares registered as being jointly held (e.g. by married couples), the person who registers must be authorized as a proxy by all the other persons and must conform that this is the case.
Consent for electronic AM delivery will be accepted throughout the year. 
If the e‑mail address is only temporarily unavailable, we will try to send the AM invitation a second time. If this second attempt also proves to be unsuccessful or if the e‑mail address prove to be invalid, the AM invitation documents will be sent by post to your residential/forwarding address and your details will be deleted from the e-service for shareholders.
You can, of course, cancel your consent at any time via the menu item "AM documents by e‑mail". 
If you have received multiple written invitations to our Annual Meeting under different shareholder numbers, you can register those numbers under the menu item "Reduce mail" and prevent them from being used for sending out invitations in the future. By doing so, you will not, of course, lose any voting rights or detailed information.
Select the menu item "Personal settings", then enter your old password, followed by your new password.
Select the menu item "Personal settings", then enter your new control question, followed by your new control answer.
As soon as your shareholding has been reduced to zero in the Share Register, you are no longer deemed to be a shareholder and therefore can no longer use the e-service for shareholders.
You can go a long way to prevent unauthorized access to your data by preventing third parties from acquiring knowledge of your password and by not storing it on your computer.
You can look at the security certificate of the Daimler URL. MS Internet Explorer: File -> Properties -> Certificates.
For questions about Daimler shares:
Investor Relations
HPC F 342
D-70372 Stuttgart
Telephone: +49 711 17 95277

Questions on the Share Register

The share register is an electronic directory of the holders of registered shares. In relation to the company, rights and obligations arising from shares exist only for and against the person entered in the share register. In accordance with Section 67 Para. 4 German Stock Corporation Act, the intermediaries involved in transferring or safeguarding registered shares are obliged to provide the company with the information required for maintaining the share register. Such information includes:

NameDate of birthPostal addressE-mail addressNumber of shares
For data protection reasons, the shareholder's right to inspect the share register is limited to his/her own data (see above) (Section 67 Para. 6 German Stock Corporation Act). Daimler only allows a shareholder to view his or her own data.
My e-mail address has changed.Select the menu item "Personal settings".
  My postal address has changed.Select the menu item "Update data".
  My date of birth is incorrect.Select the menu item "Update data". Please note that, in the case of joint shareholders, only one date of birth is transmitted by the financial institutions.
  My number of shares is incorrect.You cannot change the number of shares yourself in this system. Please contact your bank or the Shareholder Service.
Please bear in mind that there is a minimum of two working days between the date of purchase of your shares and their entry in the share register. 
  My name has changedIn this case, please contact your bank, which will arrange to have the account data changed and transmit it to the share register upon presentation of the required documents.

Your changes will be processed and transferred to the share register on the next working day.

Questions on the Annual Meeting

You will find frequently asked questions and answers on the Annual Meeting with regard to

FundamentalsInvitationsAdmission ticketsArrivalCountermotionsParticipation in the Annual MeetingDiary
on the Daimler web site in the "Investor Relations" section via the page "".

Technical Questions

You will need a browser which supports 256-bit SSL encryption.
Daimler allows you access to the e-service for shareholders via a secure connection. Access is protected by entry of the shareholder number and an individual access number. Following activation by entry of an activation code, access is protected by your self-issued user ID and password. In addition, when carrying out specific transactions, you will receive confirmation e‑mails at the e‑mail address that you have specified. Daimler uses the latest Commerce Secure Server with RSA encryption. This means that the connection is secured by a 256-bit Secure Socket Layer or SSL protocol. This protocol ensures that the confidential data exchanged between your secure Internet browser and our secure servers is protected.
One way of telling whether your Internet connection is secure is by the address. If it begins with "https" (e.g., then it is secure. The "closed padlock" icon in your browser's status bar is another indication that the connection is secure. Whether the address bar and the status bar are displayed depends on the individual settings of your browser.
MS Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Security: "Warn if changing between secure and not secure mode"
Firstly, the speed of connection to the Internet depends on the transmission path: a modem is much slower than an ISDN connection or a DSL link. Secondly, the transmission speed depends on the number of users that are online - it takes considerably longer to call up pages during periods of "heavy traffic" because the data lines are very busy.
After you have logged in and entered your self-issued user ID and password, you will normally receive an e‑mail with an activation code, which is valid for 96 hours. Your access will be activated after you have entered the code on the activation page. If you have not received an e‑mail, you can re-enter your e‑mail address at the end of the activation page and request a new activation code. 
If the system connection is broken:

Before confirmation of registration:It was not possible to successfully complete the new login, i.e. you must re-enter your shareholder number and individual access number on the login page and carry out all of the registration steps again.
  After confirmation of registration:To log in, you must now enter your self-issued user ID and password on the login page. Your access will be activated after you have entered the activation code obtained from the e‑mail received.

You should always exit the e-service for shareholders via the menu item "Logoff". If you do not log off in this way, there is a possibility that unauthorized persons will be able to look at or manipulate your data on your PC.
The settings of your browser must be positioned to accept cookies as a prerequisite to use the e-service. Please check whether your browser is prepared for this. If it is not, please set it to accept cookies. Cookies used by the e-service become void or will be deleted automatically after the closing of the browser. If a cookie can not be placed, then the server is not able to identify whether the user is (still) properly registered or not. And then the user receives the notice "Time Out".
When Content Advisor is enabled in Internet Explorer, the login session may get terminated. As long as you use the e-service, please disable the Content Advisor as described on the page linked below:

Advisory and support from Microsoft
If you want to create a screenshot from an error message, you can do so in Windows using the "Print" key: Single-click the "Print" key to save the whole of the screen contents to the clipboard. Now open Microsoft Word or WordPad, for example, and press the key combination Ctrl+V for "Insert". You can now store the screenshot or print it out. You can also create screenshots with special screenshot programs or graphics programs.
Our Shareholder Service is available to answer any other questions you may have. You will find the contact details  > here .

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